Register for Beyond Structure – Los Angeles (June 14-15, 2014)

For any registration questions call David Freeman at: +1 (310) 394-0361

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Beyond Structure – June 14-15, 2014
Beyond Structure
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Beyond Structure
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Beyond Structure
2nd Time Beyond Structure            Students:

If you’re taking “Beyond Structure” for the second time, the course is half off. Because this is such a big discount, you can’t use this discount and add in a fly-in discount too.

Registration Method #2 (Phone):

This isn’t the easiest way for us to register people, but we understand some people distrust online payment systems. You can call David at +1 (310) 394-0361 and give him your credit card information.


Students have until 4:00pm on Saturday to request & receive full refund.

Check & Deposit Policy:

Business or personal checks and money orders in U.S. funds are accepted for deposits by mail at any time prior to the class as long as space is available. Personal checks and checks from small companies for the full registration fee must be received at least ten days prior to the class.

No checks at the door except from major, well-known companies or government agencies. Cashier’s checks, certified checks, money orders and traveler’s checks in U.S. funds accepted at the door. U.S. or British currency is also accepted at the door.

Please no taping and no laptop computers. Thank you.