“Everyone knows that a good producer must have skills in creating great plots, and memorable characters, and in guiding writers to do their best work. What distinguishes David Freeman’s course is that he has developed wonderful techniques that teach these skills to newcomers, and vastly improves these skills in experienced writers. This class is invaluable for all writers and for anyone who works with writers.”

Robert Kosberg

Film credits: 12 MONKEYS (Executive Producer); MAN’S BEST FRIEND (Executive Producer); IN THE MOOD (Co-writer); Producer of over half dozen TV Movies, including ENCOUNTERS (NBC); THE OPERATION (CBS); and FADE TO BLACK (USA CABLE)


“Beyond Structure isn’t just for writers. While David offers writers wonderful and creative ways to analyze and improve their own writing, he has also created both a language and scores of tech-niques that producers and development executives can use to effectively communicate with and assist writers. Particularly in addressing rewrites, all writers and executives (novice or pro) would benefit greatly from the Beyond Structure experience.”

Nicole Penington

Vice President of Production at Lawrence Bender Productions. She helped oversee GOOD WILL HUNTING and ANNA AND THE KING, as well as the upcoming A PRICE ABOVE RUBIES starring Renee Zellweger.. She previously worked at Bedford Falls (the company which made THIRTYSOMETHING and MY SO-CALLED LIFE)


“Dave’s workshop could be called “Beyond Instinct.” So many Development Executives have never been trained to analyze and create material. They tend to rely purely on instinct. Dave’s teachings hone innate story skills, giving practical techniques to help executives identify problems in screenplays and employ solutions — solutions that make characters, plots, scenes and relationships richer, more cohesive and more compelling. Invaluable — and fun!”

Scarlet Lacey

Creative Executive for The Cort/Madden Company, which made RUNAWAY BRIDE, MR. HOLAND’S OPUS, BILL AND TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE, THREE MEN AND A BABY, and many other films.