David in Seoul 2 - CU My Philosophy

As writers, we don’t create things of steel and wood. What we create is much much more elusive… Insight. Wisdom. New, and sometimes contradictory viewpoints.  Fresh takes on the complexity and challenges of the human condition. We rediscover abiding truths. We show new roads to walk, and new ways of being to occupy.

Sometimes we lift the burdens of the journey, by finding the irony and humor of life, or giving recipes for being outrageous. We create play.

And we create beauty.

There is no doubt in my mind that the gifts of artists are beyond measure. Without them, we’d live in gray cinderblock housing units, wearing sacks of gray cloth, never see a film, television show or play, never hear a band or an orchestra, never read a book, and live monotonous lives which couldn’t even be called living.

And so artists need to be supported. In some ways, the most successful ones need to be particularly supported, for they’re actively making a difference in the world.

For whatever reason, my mind works in a way which has allowed me (over many years and with lots of work) to reverse-engineer the creative process and distill hundreds of techniques which can help writers, directors, producers, development executives, and game designers increase their artistry and their opportunities for commercial success.

It would feel wrong for me not to share these techniques, although I create my own competition by doing so. (I could tell you some stories.)

The greater good is served when each creator has every tool needed to bring his or her unique vision to life. We all benefit from each successful work of art. I’ve had the rewarding experience of being able to contribute to artistic missions of many creative people. (You can see what they say in the “Student Comments” section of this website.)

My philosophy is that workable and powerful techniques to help storytellers communicate their unique visions should be developed, proven effective, and then widely shared.

Inevitably, we all win in this enterprise.

David Freeman