Please understand that, with the exception of “The Matrix” game, these games cannot be named, nor described in much detail due to their secrecy. For the Activision and Midway games, I’m working as a designer / writer. I was brought in pretty late on “The Matrix” game, so my credit there is simply as a writer.

“Upon the recommendation of one of my developers, I asked David Freeman to come to Activision and present his ideas on how to infuse games with a greater degree of emotional immersion. This was of particular interest because I have been looking for ways to communicate greater depth of character and story in games, and David’s Emotioneering * and World Induction Techniques* have done exactly that. We have brought a much greater level of immersion to the game that David is working on with us; the characters, story and plot are all much richer then I had ever anticipated they could be for this game (which hasn’t been announced yet, hence my not identifying it). I definitely look forward to working with David and utilizing his techniques on all of my future games.”

(*”Emotioneering” is David’s word for the approximately 1000 techniques available to add emotion into videogames. It’s the subject of the book he’s writing for New Riders Press. “World Induction Techniques” are techniques to make a player care about the world of the game.)

Chris Hewish
Producer for Activision


“When I first saw David speak at this year’s D.I.C.E. convention, I realized that he could bring a lot of fresh and exciting ideas to the story design for the character-based action/adventure title (currently unannounced) that we’re working on. Since bringing him on to help flesh out the characters and plot, I’ve been very pleased with the results! David’s passion and enthusiasm for the project are only matched by his encyclopedic knowledge of real, working methods for establishing emotional connections between an audience and a story’s characters, regardless of the delivery media (be it movies, TV, books, or video games). I believe the quality of our game has risen as a result of David’s involvement and recommend his services highly.”

Richard Ham
Creative Director for Edge of Reality

(The developer for the Activision game for which I’ve been brought on as a designer/writer). Edge of Reality is also making the 3-D version of The Sims for PS2.


“David Freeman has been working with and teaching the key design members of my staff methods to enhance the emotion a player will experience in the game on which he’s been working. These methods are applied to the main characters, and then expanded to their backstory and animations. The method has proven solid and valuable, and has given all the designers a reference for creating continuity among all aspects of the game’s development. David’s creative abilities are extensive, and he’s proven a real asset to the game. I strongly recommend him.”

Mike Hally
Senior Staff Producer for Midway Games


“David delivers idea after mind-blowing idea for really (I mean REALLY) getting to grips with your characters. David’s tons of specific techniques for characters, dialogue, and plots have tremendous application to game design and scripting. Case in point: we used many of them in the game script for ‘The Matrix’ sequel, for which we hired David. The icing on the cake was his infectious warmth and wit.”

David Perry
President, Shiny Entertainment

(makers of the game for The Matrix sequel, as well as the games Messiah, Sacrifice, Earthworm Jim, Wild 9, R/C Stunt Copter, and MDK)