“David delivers idea after mind-blowing idea for really (I mean REALLY) getting to grips with your characters. I can’t imagine how much work it’s taken to put such a deep and detailed presentation like this together. I guess that’s why nobody else is doing it. David’s tons of specific techniques for characters, dialogue, and plots have tremendous application to game design and scripting. Case in point we used many of them in the game script for ‘The Matrix’ sequel. The icing on the cake was that his infectious warmth and wit kept us laughing and made the workshop loads of fun.”

David Perry / President, Shiny Entertainment

Makers of the game for The Matrix sequel, as well as the games Messiah, Sacrifice, Earthworm Jim, Wild 9, R/C Stunt Copter, and MDK


“Of all the screenwriting books and seminars I’ve experienced throughout my career, I’ve found that David Freeman’s “Beyond Structure” workshop provides the game designer and writer with the most potent and immediately useful material. His approach of dissecting even the most complex aspects of character development, dialogue, and stories — and turning this knowledge into practical techniques — provides us with an extremely powerful and constructive tool chest. This seminar is a rare treat that furnishes game designers with timeless insights.”

Lorne Lanning
Co-founder, President, & Creative Director
Oddworld Inhabitants

(makers of Munch’s Oddysee, Abe’s Exoddus, and Abe’s Oddysee)


“People have been talking about merging story, characters, and game-play for years but David is the only guy I know who has actually figured out how to do it! I highly recommend Beyond Structure for anyone who wants to push the bounds of what a video game can be. If you want to stop making videogames and start making emotionally satisfying, mass market interactive experiences, you must attend ‘Beyond Structure'”.

David Jaffe / Lead Designer

Director of Game Design, Sony Computer Entertainment Santa Monica Twisted Metal: Lead Designer, Creator, Asst. Producer / Twisted Metal II: Lead Designer, Creator, Producer / Twisted Metal Black: Director, Lead Designer Kinetica: Designer / Dark Guns: Director, Lead Designer


“David’s class was great! I learned tons of practical techniques which I could immediately apply to creatively enhance both my game designing and my writing. If you want to understand characters and stories better, you must attend this class. And if you are a game designer, but not a writer, David’s workshop still offers you an unbelievable amount of information which will help you in your games. It’s worth the weekend.”

Troy Dunniway
Lead Game Design Manager — Microsoft Games,

Troy works on a variety of PC and Xbox titles.
Most recently: lead designer on Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee
Author: “Professional Game Design”, a new, comprehensive book
(published by New Riders)


“After two workshops with David Freeman, I can now say that SOMEONE has finally found a way to talk about pure character and plot technique in a way that is not reductive or mechanical. Even experienced videogame designers and screenwriters will benefit from seeing organized what they have always relied on their intuition (or their critics) to supply: proven roadmaps to deeply and continuously interesting characters, novel and surprising plotting, and satisfying and realistic dialogue. Sign up early. My events were packed.”

Jason Bell
Sr. Vice President Creative Development

Infogrames, Inc.


“Today’s gaming audience is looking for depth in characters and story, and dialogue that feels natural. David Freeman’s “Beyond Structure” workshop provides insight into — and techniques for creating – these and other aspects of storytelling which many designers could benefit from. I see our medium as having a great deal of untapped potential. David’s workshop is one way to start to discover its real power.”

Stieg Hedlund
Director/ Designer

Full-On Amusement Co.
(The designer of Diablo II)


“I found Dave Freeman’s “Beyond Structure” class to be very interesting and helpful. He demonstrated many techniques for adding emotional layers and depth which can be applied to all forms of storytelling. I now have tools that will allow me to better articulate not only what I like and don’t like about a character or story, but specifically what can be done to improve it.

Mike Morhaime / President and Co-founder Blizzard Entertainment

Makers of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, and Diablo II


“I’ve attended two of David’s screen and scriptwriting workshops and have found them to be very much on track for Game Development. I believe that David is at the forefront of a subject that I completely agree with, and that is the idea that Hollywood has been at the trial and error end of story telling for 50+ years, so why not leverage that experience? David’s techniques are proven to enhance a players emotional involvement in a game. Additionally, David really knows how to teach these techniques effectively. Interactive Entertainment is coming of age in a big way — the use of David’s techniques for character and story development will only help to speed us along.”

Dwayne Mason
Director of Product Development Services Group

Motion Capture/Cinematics/Tools&Technology –
Sony Computer Entertainment America/Product Development


“I have been designing games now for 9 years and I have been witness to the direction that games are taking in society today. I believe that computer and console gaming is the future leader of the entertainment industry and when I attended David Freeman’s “Beyond Structure” workshop, I found that others share this vision, specifically David himself. In taking his course I learned new techniques that apply not only to writing of dialogues within our games but techniques that apply directly to the game mechanics itself. Using what I have learned here will help to propel our games to a new level of quality that can accelerate the evolution of gaming to the forefront of the entertainment industry.”

Michael Lightner / Game Designer, Westwood Studios

(designed on Command & Conquer series, Command & Conquer : Red Alert and Earth & Beyond, and many other games)


“Dave Freeman’s ‘Beyond Structure’ workshop is as important for game designers as it is for screenwriters. The class taught me invaluable character development techniques that can be applied, quite easily, to existing or prospective characters. His many techniques for ‘character deepening’ and ‘scene deepening’ helped me to refine my concepts for the Warcraft 3′ story-line and will no doubt be extremely helpful to me in future game scripts.”

Chris Metzen / Creative Director / Writer Blizzard Entertainment

Makers of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, and Diablo II


“It seems the hardest part of writing an interesting story-line for a game with deep characters is knowing where to start. David’s workshop solves this dilemma. He provides a wide number of highly useful idea-generating procedures that cover the entire gamut of storytelling — characters, scenes, plots, dialogue — and act as a creative jumpstart for my brain. The tools David offers allows me to develop the heartbeat and foundation for an entire story before jumping into all the specifics. I also use David’s tools as a checklist at various points during a story’s progression to make sure I’m still on the right track and not leaving out any important elements.”

Shawn Berryhill / Lead Designer
Shiny Entertainment


“David Freeman is not only a brilliant writing teacher for game designers and screenwriters; David is also a very dangerous man. After David’s class you can ignore the dark whispers in your head that say “Only the ‘special’ ones can really write. Only the ‘anointed’ ones can move people and make them feel as only writers can. Only the select few can be members of the writer’s priesthood.” David’s class ends all these doubts, and more. How does that make him dangerous? Well, dear friend, because, after taking his class, all your excuses will be gone. He’ll give you the tools, see. Then you’ll have to go and actually write it.”

Chris Klug / Currently Lead Designer of Content for Earth & Beyond for Westwood Studios.

Chris has won three Game of the Year Awards. He’s been lead designer or helped design: Aidyn Chronicles: First Mage; Star Trek: Dominion Wars; Europa Universalis; Diamond Dreams Baseball; James Bond 007 Role Playing Game; DragonQuest Role Playing Game; Universe Science Fiction Role Playing Game; Open Fire: WWII Tank Combat – and many others