“Beyond Structure is without question the most valuable class I’ve ever taken. Over the years, I’ve recommended it to aspiring screenwriters and pros alike – I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t stand to benefit from learning the techniques that David teaches.”

Jane Goldman

“Stardust,” “Kick-Ass” (upcoming soon), “The Debt” (to be released in 2010)


“David Freeman has broken down the craft and art of screenwriting into its building blocks — a periodic table of highly effective techniques that the masters have been using and which now anyone can learn. He can even take a difficult subject like how to add emotional layers and depth to a scene or script and show exactly how it’s done. I don’t think this information is available anywhere else.”

Gary Goldman

Executive Producer and uncredited Co-Writer: MINORITY REPORT; Co-writer: TOTAL RECALL; currently writing THE END OF ETERNITY for Columbia Pictures and director Ridley Scott.


“David Freeman’s strategy is excellent: If you want to write like the masters of film and television, use their techniques. You can spend ten years of your life studying, compiling, and inventing those techniques, like David did — or you could attend his weekend “BEYOND STRUCTURE” Workshop. I’ve tried both, but I recommend the latter.”

Joe Reinkemeyer



“How do you tell a story? Even more? How do you tell a story that will mean more to an audience than a collection of beats laid out on a page? How do you work from inside, and is there a technique for digging deeper? These are the questions Dave Freeman asks, and they’re also the questions he answers. His class will give you tools to make your own work richer.”

Richard Kramer

Consulting Producer: ONCE AND AGAIN; Producer, writer, director of the Emmy-award-winning seriesTHIRTYSOMETHING. Peabody Award winner: writer, producer of the first TALES OF THE CITY, and for executive producing NOTHING SACRED. Producer, writer of the HBO film: IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK.


“When I took David’s class, I had just finished a first pass at a very challenging feature adaptation I had been hired to write. In David’s workshop. I found powerful techniques, clearly presented, that I could immediately use to make my characters’ emotional arcs more defined and which allowed the script to operate on more profound levels. These techniques are just as applicable to my television writing. David’s techniques for increasing a writer’s artistry are fresh, exciting, and immensely practical.”

Jan Oxenburg

Writer: COLD CASE, ROBBERY HOMICIDE DIVISION, Supervising Producer: THE EDUCATION OF MAX BICKFORD; Producer: ONCE AND AGAIN; Former Coproducer: CHICAGO HOPE; Recently finished writing a feature for Robert Greenwald Productions based on James Ellroy’s memoir: MY DARK PLACES; Theatrical Feature: THANK YOU AND GOOD NIGHT; Former Executive Story Editor: NOTHING SACRED; Former Story Editor: RELATIVITY.


“Using something akin to the Vulcan mind meld, David has probed into the minds of Hollywood’s master writers and identified all of their techniques. But the even greater feat is how David manages to articulate thee techniques better than the masters themselves. This seminar is a must.”

Evan Somers

Former staff writer: STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE; writer of episodes: STAR TREK: VOYAGER


“Although I took David Freeman’s class with the intention of expanding my skills for feature film writing, I found the Story Brainstorming Techniques and the Dialogue Techniques highly applicable to the half-hour comedy writing that I do everyday. Part of my work involves creating and writing pilots, and in this regard I especially liked his “Character Diamond” Technique. It is simple to use and creates strong, identifiable characters., and I will be using it for all my pilot development from now on.”

Ellen Sandler

Credits include: Co-executive Producer/Writer: EVERYONE LOVES RAYMOND; Producer/Writer: COACH; Creator/Co-Executive Producer: CASS (pilot starring Kathy Baker); Creator/Executive Producer: KATEY (CBS pilot starring Katey Sagal)