“David Freeman has utterly changed my career. He guided me through five rewrites of my first script, giving me feedback and input on plot twists, characters, dialogue…the entire gamut. The script sold for $200,000 against $400,000 when the film gets made. I’d strongly recommend David’s high-powered workshop to anyone who’s serious about screenwriting.”

Andrew Harrison


“David’s class made me a working screenwriter. Previously, I’d written three scripts to mixed reactions. But employing David’s “diamond technique,” his dialogue techniques and others caused a series of great changes in my career. My next script was a winner in the Discovery Screenplay Contest. Studio and other top development executives suddenly wanted to work with me, and I landed one of Hollywood’s most powerful managers. Best yet, I started getting those highly-coveted writing assignments off of my work. If you want to upgrade your writing fast, then “Beyond Structure” is the workshop you need”.

Steven Finley